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The Objective

We foresee the trends, growth and potential in the markets that we serve Therefore, Technical Avenue will continue to focus on satisfying every of our customers’ needs in every single respect. Our charter is to simply provide the best from our manufacturers to our customers in the best professional manner.  We will endeavour to offer a high level of commitment and dedication to serve our markets at today’s fast pace.

It is our Company’s objective to provide high quality products and efficient after sales service to the satisfaction of our customers. With this objective in mind and with full dedication and determination of everyone in Technical Avenue, the company will secure new product lines from new and innovative manufacturers and bring that benefit to our customers, both current and new.


Technical Avenue Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia in year 1999. Since its establishment, the company has consistently adhered to a policy of providing the best sales and technical support to our discerning customers. We have, over the years increased our range of products to cater to the growing needs of our customers. With the constant growth throughout the years, we have increasing customers in the electronics / semiconductor industry, automotive industry, medical industry, food industry, steel mills, plastic industry, paper mill, printing industry, ports, PCB industry, Government & Universities and many more. For this progress we are grateful to all our loyal and supportive customers who will only demand the best for their industries.

Being an innovative and service oriented company in our trade, we take pride in our management skills and technical knowledge that has contributed to the success of our business. Our current work force include qualified engineers to provide efficient service to our valued customers.

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