• CombiView DFON

    Category: Interfaces
    • Graphical display with backlight
    • Showing errors and limits by steady or flashing colours
    • Fits Baumer CombiSeriesTM (Ø80 mm FlexHousing)
    • Hygienic design
    • Option: Two configurable relay outputs
    • Programmable by touch screen
    • Easy and fully programmable with FlexProgrammer 9701
    • ATEX
    • UL
  • FlexProgrammer 9701

    Category: Interfaces
    • Operated from a PC, supplied from the USB port
    • Remote operation, supplied from a battery
    • User-friendly software with help menus
    • Configures the following products: Pxxx-series,CPX-series,FlexView,FlexBar 3431,FlexBar HRT,FlexTop 2201,FlexTop 2202,FlexTop 2203,FlexTop 2204,FlexTop 2211,FlexTop 2221,FlexTemp 2301,FlexTemp 2311,FlexTemp 2321,Level Switch LFFS + LBFS,TE2 with integrated transmitter,Combi-Series

    Category: Interfaces
    • Switching repeater for CleverLevel Ex i installations
    • ATEX certified
    • Galvanically isolated, intrinsically safe field circuit
    • Accepts one PNP output from LFFS, LBFS, LBFH or LBFI
    • Relay output with changeover contact
    • LED activity indicator)
    • Fail safe switching logic
    • Wide supply voltage range (22 V DC … 253 V AC)
    • Plug-in screw terminals
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