Laser Sensor

  • LK18

    Category: Laser Sensor
    • Class 1 laser
    • Small Light spot 0.5mm (range of 100mm)
    • Protection rating IP67
  • LK18-R5 (retroreflective)

    Category: Laser Sensor
    • Class 1 Laser
    • Small Light spot 0.7mm
    • One button teaching
  • LK3

    Category: Laser Sensor
    • Standard Screw hole 25.4mm
    • Visible dual LED makes you easy to know the current operating situation
    • Compact size (W12xH31xD20mm), space saving
  • LRS-DU10 / LRS-DU40

    Category: Laser Sensor
    • OLED Graphic Display
    • 180’Rotating connector
    • NPN and PNP output (NP)
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