CleverLevel Level Switches

  • LBFH

    Category: CleverLevel Level Switches
    • Safe detection of liquids, bulk solids and powders 
    • Short immersion length 
    • Excellent cleanability 
    • Capable of differentiation between foam and liquid 
    • Insensitive to adherent or sticky media 
    • Status indication by bright, multicolor LED 
    • Compact stainless steel housing, protection up to IP69K 
    • Teach-in on site or remote by control wire 
    • Two switching outputs with dedicated switching windows 
    • IO-Link configuration and interface
  • LBFI

    Category: CleverLevel Level Switches
    • Compact and robust stainless steel housing
    • On-site setting with qTeach
    • Two adjustable switching outputs
    • Multicolor LED display of switching statuses
    • Interface IO-Link
  • Level Switch LFFS

    Category: CleverLevel Level Switches
    • Wetted parts in acid-proof, stainless steel and PEEK 
    • Compact, food compatible, hygienic design 
    • Hygienic connections conform to 3-A standards, FDA de- mands and EHEDG guidelines 
    • Precise switching point without calibration 
    • Process temperature -40…200 °C 
    • Measures media with DC-values >1.5 (DC = Dielectric Constant) Data sheet LFFS
    • Not influenced by foam 
    • LED switch indicator 
    • Maintenance free 
    • Suitable for media separation measurement 
    • Configurable by FlexProgrammer 9701 
    • ATEX approval for gas and dust 
    • WHG approval (leakage and overfill)
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