Flush Membrane

  • CombiPress PFMN

    Category: Flush MembraneHydrostatic Pressure
    • Programmable by touch screen
    • Cavity-free process connection
    • Resistant to all conventional CIP cleaning media
    • Compact installation from G 1/2 A
    • Optionally available with relay outputs
    • Absolute pressure, relative pressure and vacuum measurement
    • Easy and full programmable with FlexProgrammer 9701
  • PBMN flush

    Category: Flush MembraneHydrostatic Pressure
    • Flush membrane
    • Fully welded version
    • Robust stainless steel housing
    • External programming of zero point and span with FlexProgrammer 9701
    • High overpressure resistance
    • Available with option al ATEX approval (4 … 20 mA output signal)
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