• Temperature Sensor TE2

    Category: HygienicIndustrial
    • Compact and light weight
    • Available with 4…20 mA transmitter or Pt100 output
    • Available with hygienic as well as industrial process connections
    • Programmable by FlexProgrammer 9701
  • TER8

    Category: Hygienic

    Temperature sensor type TER8 comprises a series of basic elements which can be combined in various ways to a TER8 temperature sensor. The product offers great flexibility in respect to modification, service and maintenance. The sensor can be made to feature a RTD output signal or with a built in temperature transmitter with 4-20 mA output.

  • TFRH

    Category: Hygienic
    • Pt100 sensor element, 2- or 4-wire
    • Built in graphical display, CombiViewTM DFON optional
    • Head mounted 4…20 mA transmitter, FlexTop type 22xx
    • HART®
    • ATEX
    • 3-A, FDA
    • Programmable by touch screen
    • Easy and full programmable with FlexProgrammer 9701
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